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As you may already know, I love my children. They mean the world to me, word’s can not even begin to really express it. Each day I realize they really are little replicas of me. Even my son. His little fears and habits mirror mine as a child, although he was not even a thought when I was his age. It’s crazy how much of me I see in them.

So, tonight I decided to have a “me time” bubble bath. I sat in the dark with just the light from my laptop playing music and my wax warmer. I was in there for about, maybe 30 minutes before my daughter came barging in. Which is actually a good amount of time considering how often they usually interrupt me in the bathroom, lol. So, she sees I have the lights off and I’m taking a “bubbly bath” as she calls it and that I have music playing. She proceeds to ask how come I get to take a bubbly bath (mind you she had just taken a bath this morning.) So, I tell her I’ll let her take one in their bathroom when I’m done. So, she leaves back out to go play as she and my son were doing before she barged in. Then around the time I finally decide to get out of the bath she’s back at the bathroom door trying to peak in and speak to me (she’s definitely persistent.) So, this time she says I want to take a bath with bubbles, and only one light and with music too. LOL! So, I told her okay Kristi I’ll let you have all of that after I get dressed.

Long story short, my 6 year old is now in the bath tub (which is something she normally fusses about having to do at night) with bubble, kidz bop playing, a scented candle lit, lights off and a barbie doll. And yet she’s still calling out “MOMMY” every 30 secs with more request. SMH, LOL! Children, gotta love ’em!

Meanwhile my handsome little boy is glued to his new game system 🙂