One of the hardest things about being a single mom is having to do things like take your child to the doctor when they’re sick by yourself. It really sucks and makes me a bit emotional; though I can’t say I’d be much better if their dad was here because I don’t particularly enjoy his presence. I guess the idea of having extra support there for times like these or even school events just provokes my sentimental side.

It’s great that I can call on my dad to attend father daughter events for my daughter or be my son’s role model and almost idol (he adores my dad) but it’s not the same. I know what’s lacking and I just keep praying for that gap to be filled. I do al that I can as their mom but I’m just their mom. I want them to have what I had. My step dad stepped in without slack when I was their age even before my parents were married and it made a world of difference in my life. I can only pray that this will happen with time for my children.

So, as for the one in my life now I hope the pressure isn’t too much. I just have these hopes and expectations and it’s not just for the sake of soothing my loneliness at times but to create a family for my children and hopefully one day add on more. That’s what’s in this woman’s heart.